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Match Reports

Season: Winter 2009/10, Winter 2010/11, Summer 2011, Winter 2011/12, Winter 2012/13, Winter 2013/14, Winter 2014/15, Winter 2015/16, Winter 2016/17, Winter 2017/18, Winter 2018/19

4 October 2018 @ 8:30pm

Waite Building ACES vs Hampshire Harriers (6-51)

Both newly formed teams are still finding their feet in the Andover Netball League. It was Hampshire Harriers that had the edge over the Waite Building ACES throughout the match. Harriers WA Kiri Cashell had a brilliant match, she fed her shooters some fabulous ball and made excellent interceptions in the centre court. Harriers had pulled away enough in the first half to secure the win. Waite Builiding ACES best player Amy Elliott covered the centre court as best as she could and capitalised on errors that Harriers made. There was a point during the game that Harriers were down to 6 players due to an injury. The player couldnt return to the court until a goal was scored. Neither team were scoring so this delayed her return by some time, which denied Hampshire Harriers from putting more goals on the board. Harriers took the win 51 - 6.

4 October 2018 @ 8:10pm

Adventure Thunder vs Wimpy (58-40)

Final Score: 40 - 58 Q1: 10-18, Q2: 21-30, Q3: 32-46, Q4: 40-58 The game started with each team scoring from their centre passes and going goal for goal for a spell, but Adventure were first to settle and with some great defence were able to turn over the ball allowing them to be ahead by 8 goals at the end of the first quarter. Wimpy held tight in a closely contested second quarter only allowing Adventure to extend their lead by 1, but Adventure's smooth attacking play in the third, along with some unfortunate misses at goal for Wimpy meant Adventure were able to extend their lead further. Taking a 14 goal advantage into the final quarter Adventure remained strong to take the win in what was a well contested and good-spirited match. Best Players Wimpy - Vicky Gumbrell (GS) Adventure Thunder - Maxine Battle (GD)

27 September 2018 @ 8:25pm

Riverside Bowl ACES vs Camfree Ladies (41-19)

Riverside Bowl ACES 41 - Camfree ladies 19 This was going to be an interesting match as both teams had been coached by the same coach throughout the summer and last season. Newly promoted Camfree Ladies battled to retain possession in the first half. They struggled to get it past Riverside's Anna Bazzoni through to the shooters. When they did Camfree's Goal Attack Wanda Sorensen scored some wonderful goals. Riverside Bowl ACES took every opportunity they had with turnovers. Riverside Bowl's GS Kim Belbin made some superb long shots at goal and was quick to create the space for her GA to drive to the post to also convert quickly and pull ahead. Both teams made great diagonal movements. Riverside Bowl sealed the win 41-19 and denied Camfree of any points. Riverside Bowl ACES remain top of the third division.

27 September 2018 @ 6:55pm

Waite Building ACES vs Andover Arrows Flights (3-59)

Waite Building ACES 3 v Andover Arrows Flights 59 Andover Arrows Flights continued their strong start to the season in this week's match against Waite Building ACES. They finished the first quarter without conceding a single goal. Despite not getting off the mark deep into the second quarter Waite Building ACES did not give up especially their Centre Gina Strong and the team took the game as a learning experience. Arrows made interceptions high in their own attacking half and didn't give their opponents a chance at shooting. It was an awesome display by the young arrows team. Arrows best player Tash Anne Henry's shooting accuracy was high as well as providing support to her GS. Andover Arrows Flights won their second match in a row with only conceding 3 goals in the whole match. Final score 59-3.

27 September 2018 @ 6:55pm

Jets vs Vernham Vixens (27-35)

Jets 27 V Vernham Vixens 35 The jets started the game really well, with a fantastic defence, Kym Bickell (GD), Hayley Olding (GK) & Kelly Webb (WD) intercepting and feeding the ball back down the court, keeping the score close ending the quarter 8/9, only one behind. Quarter 2 started strong with some great interceptions from Cheryl Styles (WD) feeding straight to Kate Malloney (C) and Laura Smith (WA) feeding the ball perfectly into the circle for Lauren Lister(GS) and Lucy Symmonds (GA) to score endlessly, ending the quarter 15/18. Quarter 3, saw a few changes in Defence with Kate Malloney (GK) defending hard to try and keep the ball out of the circle, Kay Goudry (C) stepped in to try and bring the ball down the court but it just slipped away, ending 19/27. The final quarter saw Jets fight hard for every ball with Lucy Symmonds (C) using her signature long powerful pass keeping the ball in the attacking end whenever possible. Vixens Best Player - Kate Malloney Coaches Player - Kym Bickell for fantastic team work all through the game.

20 September 2018 @ 6:55pm

LED Synergy vs Wimpy (24-57)

Final Score: 57 - 24 Q1: 14-6, Q2: 29-12, Q3: 46-21, Q4: 57-24 Wimpy took a confident 57 - 24 win against LED Synergy in a fast paced match on Thursday. An early lead meant Wimpy took charge of the game from the outset and with great interceptions and rebounds were able to stop LED from scoring despite the determination and effort of their GA, Liz Jones, who won player of the match for her team. Wimpy had strong connective play across court to take the ball up to their on target shooters which allowed them to stretch their lead to deny LED from taking points from the game. Best Players Wimpy - Vicky Gumbrell (GS) LED Synergy - Liz Jones (GA)

13 September 2018 @ 6:55pm

Camfree Ladies vs Jets (34-20)

A great first game of the season, Camfree v there training partners Jets. In the first quarter Camfree played a great centre court Nicky & Brook moving the ball up call into the circle to the shooters, ending in a lead for Camfree 8-3. Into the second quarter Camfree broke the centre and continued great play, the Jets holding a great defence in the circle Hayley using her fantastic reach. Camfree ending the 2nd quarter with a 16-10 lead. The Jets fort hard in the 3 quarter to try and close the gap but Carley & Tamilia held a good defence making this tricky for Jets. Camfree played their own game and took the lead in the 3rd quarter 25-16. Going into the last quarter Camfree where in it to win. The centre field played well allowing the ball to move up the court at speed to the circle. Even with the pressure of Hayley and Lucy from the Jets, both Nikki & Wanda where on fire, allowing Camfree to keep their lead winning the game 34-20. The bond of the team mates and support of the bench showed in a great result for the first game of the season, always a pleasure playing with the lovely ladies from Jets. From Camfree Jets started off strong with Lois Adcock (C) marking Camfree???s centre so well she found it hard to intercept the ball, Kelly Webb (WD) played amazing making space and trying hard to block Camfree players, however Camfree were just too quick and managed to get past and score. Jets first goal came with a double penalty against Laura Smith (GS) with another a goal to come minutes after. Ending the quarter on 3/8 to Camfree. The second quarter Jets came back firing in 3 goals in the first few minutes. Fantastic team work from captain Hayley Olding (GK) and new player Lauren Lister (GD) pushing the ball back out the D to the Jets. With some lovely goals coming from Laura Smith and Lucy Symmonds (GA) Jets second quarter saw the jets fighting hard. Changes were made in the 3rd quarter with Lauren now GA and Lucy GD, this saw Lauren quick to score her first goal for Jets. With the score now 16/25 Jets still had some fighting to do. The last quarter saw the fantastic Kay Goudry recently taking on a new position in (WA) who has just returned from a bad ankle injury last season, she came on to this quarter with what looked like a broken finger and no subs to swap with she played on, even one handed she still managed to feed the ball in fantastically, Camfree were able to take advantage of this and power through to win the game 34 Jets 20. Best player was Kay Goudry From Jets

13 September 2018 @ 8:10pm

Waite Building ACES vs Whitchurch Warriors White (7-21)

The match started with many nervous, anxious and excited players. Back in the summer the Andover Netball league ran a back to netball session, it was well attended and the ladies were keen to continue with a new hobby they had found and enjoyed. They were given the opportunity to form a new team and joined the Andover League. Waite Building Services offered to sponsor them. This was their first ever match playing as a team. Whitchurch warriors white could sympathise with their nerves as they were in that situation last year. Waite Building ACES got off the mark first which settled some nerves. Whitchurch were also fielding new players. As the teams eased into the first quarter it was Whitchurch that took the early lead 5-2 at the end of the quarter. Waite Building ACES best player GA Annie Brookes had a fantastic match, working high up in attack to win ball. The Whites showed their extra years??? experience and started to win turnover and dominate the scoreboard. Whitchurch Warriors Centre Beth Jenkins worked tirelessly to assist her defence and attack and always made herself available. Whitchurch Warriors took the win 21-7 and Waite Building ACES came away happy and were pleased with their first match experience. From Waite Building ACES

13 September 2018 @ 6:45pm

Riverside Bowl ACES vs Whitchurch Warriors Blue (54-14)

Both teams were very excited to get the winter season under way. The first quarter was very close; the teams were trying to find their shooters however turnovers were made mid court. Riverside Bowl ACES took the early lead 11-8. The second quarter saw Riverside Bowl ACES use their two subs. Chloe Thurman played Centre and bought some pace to the Riverside attack. She made some excellent interceptions in the mid court and was quick to get the ball to the shooters. Whitchurch Warriors made changes in the third quarter to try to pull back a 10 goal deficit, but Warriors best player GD Liz Faulker was kept busy by the on form ACES shooting pair. Warriors looked tired in the final quarter and couldn't match the work rate of Riverside Bowl ACES. Riverside Bowl ACES took their first points of the season with a very impressive win 54-14. From Riverside Bowl ACES

6 September 2018 @ 6:55pm

TNB Garrison vs Transplus Tigers (58-40)

A depleted Tigers side of 6 players faced a full strength Garrison team for the first match of the ADNA 2018-19 season at Wellington Sport Centre, Ludgershall. Dropping their WD and filling positions where they could, the makeshift Tigers team were anything but in their comfort zone and likely to be completely overawed by the athletic skills and well drilled play of the Garrison Team. However, against all odds, Tigers got their claws out and immediately dug in to the game. They swiftly scored the first goals of the match, somewhat surprising their full strength opposition, and then continued to push hard across the court, holding the ball, playing confidently and stylishly finishing attacks leaving few rebounds for the strong Garrison defence. Garrisons swift attacking play gave little chance for interceptions, but a number of footwork errors handed the ball back to Tigers enabling them to keep pace with the ladies from Fiji. Surprisingly Tigers actually lead the match at half time 26 - 23. Garrison left the court a little shell shocked. By the start of the second half, Garrisons supersub and team manager Gemma Faulks arrived and her presence immediately made the difference. Now stronger across midcourt, Garrison started to make more interceptions and less errors, allowing them to take the lead. Tigers never gave up. An impressive performance by their player of the match Chloe Nicklin epitomised the efforts of the whole team. Out of defence, Lenny Drummond of TNB Garrison continued to drive her team forward until the final whistle. A win for Garrison, but they knew they'd been in a strongly contested match. Final Score: Transplus Tiger 40 - TNB Garrison 58